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Mass Intentions
Thursday, June 30
8:15 am
Sr. Marie Hannah, O.P.
Friday, July 1
8:15 am
† Carolyn Thomas
Saturday, July 2
8:15 am
Deacon John and Brenda D’Amico
5:30 pm
† Thelma Fuchs
7:30 pm
Mass in Spanish
Sunday, July 3
8:30 am
† Margaret Allen
11:00 am
Saint Rose Parishioners
5:00 pm
† Jack Vehr
Monday, July 4
8:15 am
Sr. Marie Hannah, O.P.
Tuesday, July 5
8:15 am
† Crystal Taylor
7:30 pm
Mass in Spanish
Wednesday, July 6
8:15 am
Dan Carey
6:00 pm
Sr. Mary Josephine, O.P.

About Us/Mission

We, the Church of Saint Rose of Lima, are children of God and members of the body of Christ. United with our Catholic forebearers of Murfreesboro and moved by the Spirit, our mission is to give strong Christian witness to the members of our neighboring communities and to assist them in fulfilling their spiritual, emotional and physical needs.