Week of March 12: A Success Story

03-12-2017Haiti News

As an extension of our support of Pre-K through 6th grade, we have been working with young adults who desire to work for a college education-specifically in Nursing. At the local university in Cap-Haitien, there is a 4 year program for Nursing. Fr. Andre proposed that the student may have tuition covered IF the student agrees to repay the tuition upon graduation by serving one year at Notre Dame de la Merci. This year, the mission team had the opportunity to see the fruits of this agreement.

Two graduates worked side by side with the medical staff with joy and energy. The mission team could feel the excitement observing these two in the Rose-Merci Clinic. And these two young women were willing to write thank you notes to their sponsors at St. Rose for giving them the opportunity to become professionals. They are success stories. Not every student has made the grade--the competition is stiff. However, funding the future of young women has a lifelong benefit to the Robillard community and the whole area. A Win-Win statement!