Week of March 5

03-05-2017Haiti News

Our donations to our brothers and sisters in Haiti will be collected in the Jo Call Room on Sat, Mar 18 from 4:00-7:00pm. Then on Sun, Mar 19 from 8:00am- 2:00pm.

  • Please fold all kid's clothing.
  • All shoes should be clean.
  • Tropical Climate.
  • Keep in mind that electricity is precious.

Here is a starter list that will help:

microfiber blankets, bath towels, kids gently used shoes, baseball caps, small toys-not battery operated, teacher wrist watches, used DVD-kids' movies-- sound track in French, kids' underwear 4-6x, kid's white socks, red socks, backpacks, composition books, 1st grade writing paper, tear-out notebook paper wide rule, metric rulers, pointed scissors, teacher scissors, stapler with staples, onesies, infant caps/hats, Elmer's tacky glue, infant/toddler clothing, clothing 4-6x, scotchtape, Duct/Duck Tape, Sugarfree suckers.

Cash donations welcomed!

3 weeks and counting! More ideas next week.

Questions? Contact Frank Bordash at FJBordash@gmail.com.