He Has Done All Things Well

09-09-2018Pastor's LetterFr. John Sims Baker

“He has done all things well.”

This line is from our Gospel today, and it speaks, of course, of Jesus. He does all things well. There is no one like Him. You will do yourself a big favor if you get to know Him better. How do I get to know someone who was last on earth in the body about 2000 years ago? You are going to think that I am a broken record, but the main way to do it is to pray.

For example, read the Gospel passage for today. The miracle that it reports has a tremendous effect on those who encounter Jesus. They are so impressed that they say: “He has done all things well.” When you read the passage, slow down and put yourself there. What do you see, and what do you hear? How does it affect you? What does it tell you about Jesus? Does it make you want to stay with Him? Does it make you want to talk to Him? If so, then do it! Tell Him what is on your heart. Don’t worry about what you say. That doesn’t matter much.

I was talking with a dad after Mass a couple of Sundays ago. His son and another young boy were talking away. It would have been impossible to follow what they were saying, but the dad was so happy to be a part of the scene – and I was too. The dad and I talked a little bit about being in the car, for example, when children are chattering. You learn a lot that way! Well, Jesus learns a lot about us when we chatter to Him. And we get used to being with Him. We come to know from our own experience the truth of the matter: He does all things well!

Fr. John Sims Baker