Consider Your Routines of Prayer and Sacrament

09-16-2018Pastor's LetterFr. John Sims Baker

Change and transition are challenges, and I have found that the transition to the parish has taken longer than I had anticipated. I feel like I am getting used to the routine of the parish, and I am beginning to establish my own routine. But habits do take time! In the meantime, however, I have let some things accumulate too long. I thank you for your patience with me.

Speaking of routines, I want you to consider your own routines of prayer and sacrament. Yes, do make your spiritual practice into a routine! Certainly, our spiritual lives should be more than habits, but they should also be no less than habits either! Routine and habit keep us on track and help us to get back on track if we have slipped up.

We have some new spiritual routines in the parish. We have more weekday Masses: M-F at 7:00am and M-Th at 6:00pm, as well as 8:15am on Saturdays and Fridays, when school is in session. We have more opportunities for Confession: M-Th at 5:00pm, Sat at 4:00pm, and Sun 30 minutes before each Mass. We are also keeping the church open more for visits to the Blessed Sacrament and prayer. During the week, the church is generally open (through the doors closer to the parish office) from Mass in the morning until Mass in the evening. (Of course, the church is available during Adoration on Wednesday and Friday morning. Make an hour of Adoration a habit!) Please take advantage of these opportunities.

I do have some reason for these times of Mass and Confessions: to be more convenient for those who work, who are in school, or who have family obligations. It is a dream of mine to see families or individuals finding a day of the week to come to Mass before work or school or after getting home from work or school. I want to provide convenient times for Confession as well. I also dream of seeing the church visited throughout the day for quick visits or more lengthy times for prayer. Jesus is always happy to see you!

Fr. John Sims Baker