The Sacrament of Confirmation

Confirmation is a Sacrament in the Catholic Church in which the one who is confirmed (confirmandi) receives the gifts of the Holy Spirit through the imposition of hand and anointing with oils by the bishop. It’s considered a sacrament of initiation which means that it brings you deeper into communion with the Church. Preparation for this Sacrament is done during class for Saint Rose of Lima students and during PSR for students who are members of the Saint Rose of Lima parish but do not attend Catholic school. PSR includes homeschooled students and distance learning students.

The Sacrament of Confirmation preparation program is a mandatory 2-year program. Each year students focus on service hours, catechesis, the Church, and our mission of using our gifts to serve the Church.

The Confirmation preparation requirements are:

  1. Completion of the 2 year preparation program.
  2. Parent(s)/Guardian(s) must be registered and actively participating members of Saint Rose of Lima Church.
  3. Preparation begins in 7th grade and the Sacrament of Confirmation is received in 8th grade. After the sacrament is received, students continue with catechesis until the end of the year (May).
  4. For students who are above 8th grade, we offer High School Delayed Sacraments learning. If you are 18+, please go to the information for Adult Confirmation.
  5. The parent(s)/Guardian(s) are responsible for providing a copy of the Baptismal Certificate within the 6 months PRIOR to receiving the Sacrament.
  6. Participation in all preparation activities including a retreat, rehearsal, and the Sacrament day.

Registration for PSR opens in May and closes in August. If you are new to Saint Rose, we have a special track program to get your student into the classroom the following year. Contact the PSR Administrator at 615-893-1843 ext. 1012.