Capital Campaign Donors

Dear Donors,

Thank you for your continued support of Saint Rose of Lima Catholic Church and School. Your generous pledges to the One Faith, One Family, One Parish – Building our Future in Christ Capital Campaign will make a dramatic impact on our parish family, our school and ultimately on the ministry we provide to Murfreesboro. 

Thank you again for your investment in the future of Saint Rose of Lima. Your kindness is greatly appreciated and necessary for the continued growth of our community. 

God Bless!

Fr. Chris Nunes

Our Donors

Timothy and Ilona Acree
Kevin and Susan Adair
Jeffery and Sue Adams
Lance Adams
Luis y Martha Aguado Rangel
Alberth Mendez Aguilar
Ruben y Jesus Ajpacaja
Charlie and Susan Akers
Melissa Alexander
Tyson and Gemini Alexander
Peter and Bonnie Allegretti
Ray and Susan Allen
Paul Aluise
Maria Alvarez
Segundo Aponte Alvarez y Wilma Rivero de Aponte
Patrick and Renay Anderson
Jose Aquino and Sandra Zamorano
Pedro Arenas
Jose Arevalo Garcia
Michael and Sandy Arndt
Paul and Adelle Arras
Esmeralda Askland
Larry and Debbie Audley
Fr. Alejandro Avelino
Ryan Michael and Hyeyoung Axtell
Jose Luis y Leticia Ayala
Melvin y Fatima Ayala
Fr. John Sims Baker
Thomas and Marida Balch
Raymond and Sandra Barclay
Jo Ann Bardet
Michael and Nancy Barton
Nichole Bazewicz
Connor Belvin
David and Mary Ann Bentley
Maryilyn Bialkowski
Nicholas Bialkowski, Jr.
Greg and Susan Bidwell
Christina Bien
Terry Birdsong
Robert Bischoff
James and Mary Black
Ronald and Becky Black
The Bland Family
Jacob and Emily Boller
Robert and Sharon Bolyard
Prime and Mayra Bonggot
Boon Family
Monica Bojorges
Frank and Peggi Bordash
Joseph Borelli
Paul Borkoski
Robert Bourassa
Claudette Bourdeau
Robert and Judy Boutiette
Nancy Boyd
Paul and Margaret Boyd
Tommy and Jeanne Bragg
Norbert and Sondra Braunwalder
Matthew and Marie Brock
David and Jaci Brown
Luther and Diane Brown
Jon and Holly Bruser
William and Carol Bucher
Thomas and Susan Buchholz
Elliot and Lylliana Bueche III
Keith Bunch
Ronald and Juanita Burboa
Angelo and Felecia Burgos
Frank Burns
Ted and Brenna Burton
Andres Caballero y Blanca Javvio
Jose Cabezas
Nickolas Calvanico
Brian and Jeri Carmichael
Matthew and Jenna Camp
Juan Canastuj Tax and Sara Hermelinda
Clare Cannon
Family Cardenas Fuentes
Luis Cardoza and Ana Villamizar
Katie Carney
Cosimo and Debbie Caronna
Andrew Carpenter
Mark and Annie Carretta
Carleen Carter
Robert and April Carter
Jerry and Mia Carton
Juan Manuel Carvajal and Aracelis Quiroz
Judith Case
Frank and Linda Cash
Juan Castillo y Ana Perez
Whit and Crystal Casey
Archie Casity
Brian Casity
Stephen Casity
Frank and Denise Cathey
Susana Cavero
Betty J. Cespino
Dominic and Carolyn Cespino
Dean and Nicole Chauvin
Edward and Maria Chavez
Hedy Chichick
Jonathon and Samantha Church
Eugene and Jean Clark
Margaret Clawson
John and Ashlee Claytor
Michael and Elena Clemons
Kevin and Cindy Cliche
Chloe Clores
Gail Coates
The Coffey Family
Ronald and Alicia Cole
Theresa E. Cole
Toni Colombo
Jeremiah and Stephanie Colthrap
Diego and Laura Comaschi
John and Margaret Conners
Franklin and Geovana Contreras
Michael and Linda Copciac
Carlos and Victoria Coronel
Lazaro and Cajina Cortes
Kathleen Cox
Roger and Diane Cox
Gary and Yvonne Creighton
Matthew and Ashley Crouch
Molly Culbreath
Judith Cunningham
Jesus and Lupita Cruz
Alan and Jill Cutler
John and Brenda D'Amico
Drs. Steven and Joanne Daniel
Pat Darrell
Matthew and Nancy Davenport
Jose and Aranza Davila
Jane N. Davis
Steve and Kay Davy
Miguel and Doris DeJesus
Jon and Nina Deinard
Carlos and Amalia de la Torre
Christine DesJardins
DeVerna Family
Wendy Diaz
DiMaggio Family
Kathleen Dineen
Phil and Melissa Dodd
Tom and Bernice Dolan
Stephanie Donithan
Louis Ann Dorff
Bob and Debbie Dray
Linda L. Dudiak
Tom and Krista Dugosh
Dr. John and Bobbie Duke
Chris and Kristina Eckerle
Jeff and Emily Edge
Severiano Enriquez y Lucerito Cruz
Alfredo Esparza y Araceli De Leon
Armando and Melina Espinoza
Eduardo and Angelita Espiritu
Gerardo y Virginia Esquivel
Ruben and Esthefeny Estrada
Victor Estrella y Carmen Perez
Jean and Debbie Ethcebehere
Chris and Julie Evans
Dale and Loretta Evans
Clarice Evers
Larry and Paula Farmer
Anthony and Mary Farone
Louis and Linda Ferraro
Hosmena Fields
Michael and Nancy Finlay
Wyatt Finn
Ronald Finotti
Dominick and Annie Fiorentino
Tom and Kathy Fix
Rich and Melanie Foge
Matt and Stephanie Foglia
Alvara y Norma Fonseca
Nicholas and Renata Forsythe
Gail Fox
Rick and Jen Franco
Mitchell and Kelly Frank
Ray Frebis
Michael and Clair Freels
Elijah and Maria Fries
William and Angela Fritz
Dennis and Mary Fryz
Herminio Fuentes and Renata Alvarado
James and Virginia Fuller
Michael Galgano
Leopoldo Hernandez Galindo y Gisela Cazares Bravo
Javier and Miriam Gallardo
Jose Luis Garcia and Maria Ofelia Teletor
Maggie Garcia
Victor and Margaret Garcia
Terrance and Denise Gaspard
Guillermo and Angela Gaynes
Manuel and Ofelia Gaytan
Beverly Geckle
Anthony George
Michael Gianquitto
Tom and Norma Gibbons
Dan and Kathy Gibbs
Mary Gilstrap
Karin Gleason
George and Alma Godinez
Dionisio Sam Gonzalez
Javier Sam Gonzalez y Maura E Salanic
Jorge and Maria Gonzalez
Nelson y Meri Gonzalez
Jimmy and Gina Graham
Kevin and Julie Greve
Claire Griswold
Sandra Guarin Abrams
Gudino Family
Gerardo and Jackie Guerrero
Justino and Minerva Guzman
Karla Hagan
Nicole Hagood
Barry and Diane Hale
Mark and Carole Hanket
Lane Hargrove
Harris Family
Tom and Debbie Harris
Ann Hartle
Kyle Hatfield
Frank and Sara Hattrem
Eugene and Michelle Hauet
Jeff and Colleen Hawkins
Justin and Stephanie Hayden
Hayden/McBroom Family
Sierra Heckner
The Heil Family
Patrick and Beth Heitz
Jim and Jennifer Held
Antonio Hernandez
Irene Hernandez Alvarez
Family Hernandez Tzul
Ismael and Ronda Hernandez Murillo
Ignacio and Maria Herrera
Jerry and Sandy Herrick
James Heuberger
Vincent and Ruth Hill
Paul Hinski and Martha Yanci
Jocelyn Hodge
John and Cynthia Hodorowicz
Terry and Natalie Hoffman
James and Alice Hogan
Janice Hogan
Marion Hollings
Ed and Mary Honeyman
Paul and Julie Hoover
William and Ana Howse
Huber Family
Michael Huber and Michelle Diaz
Tim and Kelly Lynn Huber
Alfredo Huerta and Lourdes Paredes
Dale and Linda Huff
Joe and Judy Hugh
Bob and Deb Hunt
Shirley M. Hurst
Webster and Megan Hutchings
Paul and Sandie Huttner
Joseph and Leslie Iorio
John and Elizabeth Jackson
Jaime and Belky
Bill Jennings Family
Dave and Sara Johnson
David and Leanne Johnson
Mike and Melissa Johnston
Brian and Elly Jones
Dennis and Angie Jones
Hugh and Gina Jones
Laura Jones
Marc and Anne Jones
Stephen and Elaine Jones
Colleen Sue Jordan
Leslee Dodd Karl
Bernard and Mary Lou Kassing
Edwin and Kimberly Kaup
Patrick and Sandra Kayser
Patrick and Christine Kelley
Michael and Terri Kelly
Caleb and Cari Kent
Christian and Stacie Ketel
Thao Khong
Matthew and Shelby Kirby
Eddie and Phyllis Kitzler
Bud and Rita Klika
Marylou Knapik
Knights of Columbus Council 4563
David and Jaclyn Kollar
Linda Koslick
Andrew and Jennifer Krauss
Sebastian and Vannessa Krauss
Valerie Kristinus
Roger and Mary Kay Kruger
Joshua and Cindy Kubly
Dave and Kathy Kwiecinski
Christopher and Tricia Lacy
David and Elizabeth Landry
Samuel J. Lane
Jeff and Jeana Laney
Dr. Shirley LaRoche-Powell
Jaromia and Sarah Lashbrook
Rusty and Mary Beth Lawrence
John and Suzie Lee
William Lee
Therese Leffler
Lichaa Family
Saw and Mary Lin
Manuel and Rita Linares
Jennifer Lantini
Robert and Theresa Lischke
Jack and Cheryl Lisi
Jason and Erin Liuzzi
John and Jeanne Liuzzi
Kenneth Loats
Ana Bertha Lopez Davila
Jamie Lopez y Minerva Salazar-Lopez
Luis Lopez
Familia Zuleta Lopez
Chuck and Trudi Lovinski
Kurt and Kim Luber
Familia Lugo Chavez
Teresa Luina
Rogelio and Julia Jaquelin Luna
Larry and Jan Luscinski
Christian Machado Gonzalez y Maria Lara
Jesse and Racheal Magallanez
Matt and Andrea MaGinn
Sarah Mallory
Joe and Denise Maloney
Hector and Estrella Mancia
J.K. Mankowski
Charles and Liselotte Maples
Don and Andra Martens
Debbie Martin
Eduardo and Andrea Martinez
Francisco J. Martinez
Armando and Maria Martinez Hernandez
Bob and Charlotte Masek
Moises Mathe y Norma Ortiz
Jim and Karen Mathias
Steven and Mary Matison
James and Karen Matlock
Ryan and Lucy Matthews Family
Daniel and Judithe Maune
Corey and Brooklyn Mayer
Richard and Mary Beth McLain
Agnes McGill
Dan McHugh
Cile Meagher
Michael and Jennifer Medlin
Karyn Meeks
Maria Menchu
Paul and Julie Menke
Glenn and Marian Mercado
Mary Merrill
Raymond and Theresa Meyers
Abeer and Mina Michael
Sandra Middleton
Danny and Linda Miguel
Eddie and Renee Miller
Joseph and Renee Miller
Kevin and Kathleen Miller
Tomi Kali Mills
James and Kelly Minogue
Benito Miranda y Beatriz (Olvera)
Adrian Rincon Mireles
Roger and Carol Mitzner
Santos and Martha Molina
Cameron Moody
Jesse and Mary Moore
Juan Francisco Morales y Lillian Lopez
Jaime and Delfa Moran Perez
Susan Mullins
Cha-Ron Murphy and Dr. Akashia Anderson Murphy
Marcie Murphy
James and Elizabeth Murray
Nolan and Megan Murray
Jacqueline Musch
Dr. Robert and Denise Mutter
John and LaRue Myers
Barbara Bridget Naah
Saade and Therese Nammour
Ron and Donna Nance
Stan and Cindy Nance
Patricia Nazquez
Craig S. Nelson Family
Sun Ngo and Tu Tran
Huy and Ny Nguyen
Phong Nguyen and Beth Brown
Shirley Nicholson
Steven and Rebecca Nickerson
Angel Nogales y Dulce Sanchez
Ken and Gloria Nolan
Alan and Susan Nundahl
Fr. Chris Nunes
Laura Isabel Nunez
Isaac Kwaw Nwaneampeh
Manuel y Celina Ochoa
John and Julie O'Connell
Leopold and Atsoupe Odah
Ragan Ogg
Lanny and Joyce Ann Okonek
David and Janet Oldham
Justin and Lindsey Oldham
Thomas and Daisy Oldham
Pat O'Leary
Cassie Olson
Susan Olson
Armando Olvera y Ana Laura Fonseca
Concho y Alejandra Olvera
Josephina Orozco
Jamie y Estela Ortez
Marilyn Oshop
Mariana Ospina
Ignatius and Monica Osuigwe
John and Amy Ouellette
Wayne and Linda Overman
Matt and Elizabeth Owens
Mario Palacios
Christopher and Cynthia Paliaro
Tim and Linda Panther
Camilo Parra Ramos y Julia Molina De Parra
Richard and Aliene Parrish
Rebecca Parton
Barbara Patterson
Tom Pedine
Reinier Pelayo and Maylesy Camargo
Manuel Pena and Yuliana Flores
James and Jackie Penner
Alissa Pepelea
Jaime and Delfa Moran Perez
Greg and Judy Petry
Bruce and Charlotte Petryshak
Ed and Barb Pinkowski
Andrew and Pam Pittman
Toan Pham
Trang and Huy Phan
Anik and Karina Pina Rivera
Dr. Javier Pineda
Jose Gregorio Pannn
Abel Plancarte Rosas
Glenn Plante
Mike and Laurie Plese
Joseph and Rose Plummer
Joseph and Rebecca Poloniak
Carla Porter
Carolina Portillo
Jose Marisol Portillo
Rachel Potts
Stephen Pradier
Perry and Jenni Preuett
Oscar and Lucia Puac
Stephen and Valerie Pulk
John and Pamela Quigley
James and Kristin Quinby
Joseph Ragus
Esau A. Ramirez
Rocio Ramirez
Salvador Ramos
Anne Raymond
Eugenio and Leanne Rayo
Gabriela Resendiz
Elvira Reyes
Steve and Sandra Rhodehamel
Dedie Rice
Mario y Carmen Rincon
Ismael and Brenda Rios
Noe Rivas Herrera
Aristeo y Magdalena Rivas-Rodriguez
Joel and Haydee Rivera
Ken and Melissa Roberge
Mike and Jenny Robinson
Juan Daniel Rodriguez and Elizabeth Moreno
Maribel Rojas
Christopher and Paula Romanoski
Col. Jim and Staci Rose
Anna Royal
Clarence and Judith Ruggieri
Daniel Ruiz y Celeste Chavez Nunez
Eloy Azucena Ruiz
Luvia Ruiz
Marie Dolores Ruiz
Raul and Lara Ruiz
Catherine Rungee
Dr. and Mrs. Jim Rungee
Saad Family
Michael Saathoff
Tom and Barbara Sage
Lillian Salas
Jose and Paty Sanchez
Lorenzo y Irene Sanchez
John Paul and Lucy Sanchez-Pastrana
Sabrina Sanchez
Armando Silva Sandoval y Guadalupe Martinez Landeros
Augustin y Gladis Sarmiento
Lorraine Sawyer
Daniel and Mary Beth Scango
Dan and Denise Schafer
Donald and Maria Scharf
Larry and Carol Schlachter
Kevin and Jennifer Schmitt
Ralph and Lori Schmitz
Peter and Mary Schneider
Thomas and Linda Schrader
Glenn and Suzie Schulenberg
Gary and Sherry Scorby
Michelle Scott
Alejandro Segoviano-Carrillo
Richard Seguin
Deacon Pete and Alice Semich
Jacob Semmler
Juan and Rosa Serrano
Bob and Pat Shaw
Tex and DeJane Shellhart
Brian and Nancy Sherrill
Aracely Sierra-Rosas
Bertrand J. Simpson, Jr. Esq.
Jim and Nancy Skinner
Gary and Cheryl Slavik
Matt and Kyra Sloan
Michael and Janet Slominski
Benjamin L. Smith
Charles and Norma Smith
Chip and Regan Smith
Emily Smith
Gary and Diane Smith
Kevin and Kelly Smith
Mike and Tammy Smith
Mitchel and Kim Smith
Patricia Smith
Roger and Colleen Smith
Dr. William and Kathleen Smith II
David Solis
Jose J. Soria
Beth Spaffan
Lisa Spencer
Stoma and Joan Speyrer
Mary Springer
Carl and Sandra Stadtmiller
Timothy and Leigh Stevens
Lee Stickney
Richard and Seanna Stickney
Michael and Lisa St. John
Bill and Kathy Strebel
Christine Summers
Amy and Kevin Swartz
Shannon Swartz
James Swehla
Lukasz and Sylwia Sycik
Bob and Bea Szewc
Donna Tackaberry
Thomas and Theresa Tang
Scott and Katie Taylor
Neal and Dawn Terrell
Mike and Amy Terry
Jeremy and Whitney Tharp
Anne Thomas-Obi
Garrick Thomas and Anita Pittman
Wally and Tricia Throneberry
Isaias Tobar
Rodolfo and Elsa Torres
Miguel and Maria Del La Cruz Torres-Garcia
Tragarz Family
Leticia Trillo
Mark and Angelique Troelstrup
Billy and Ann Trout
Jan and Sharon Truax
Luke and Anna Truxal
John and Sandra Tully
Mike and Beth Ussery
Irenio Augusto Valazquez Perez
Emiliano y Marilyn Valdez
Jose and Aniceta Valdez
Alan and Laurel Ann VanDoornik
Ken Varbanoff
Jorge and Ana (Ledesma) Vargas
Leonardo and Ava Vasquez
Moises and Florinda Vasquez
Freddy Vazquez Rodriguez
Julio and Irma Vazquez
Jose Vazquez y Epifania Alonso
Jose Vazquez and Olga Lopez
Luis Vasquez and Lucy Guadalupe
Maria del Carmen Vazquez
Elder Vega y Blanca Montero
Miguel and Melly Vega
Jake Vehr
Matt and Jodi Vehr
Gildardo Veloz and Alondra Susana Guerrero
Jose and Ann Ventura
Steven and Rebekah Vertrees
Jeff and Cathy Viers
Marcos Escobar Villagomez y Maria De La Luz Perez
Fredis and Maria Villatoro
Jon and Amy Waggener
Don and Jenine Ward
Thomas and Jeanette Ware
David and Susan Weaver
Daniel and Jean Weber
JoLea Wegner
Tim and Susan Weiland
Kelly Welch
Spencer Wells
Elizabeth Wheatley
John and Deanna Wermert
Sylvan Wiebe
Ronald and Beverly Wild
Barbara Willour
James and Kelley Wilson
Zachary J Wilson
Donald Wisehart
Richard and Sherrie Witkowski
Joseph Wolak
Mark and Heather Woods
Michael and Alicia Wortman
Bill and Patty Wright
Joshua and Katherine Wright
Whit and Sara Wylie
Barbara Young
Thomas and Patricia Young
Pat Zack
Juan y Maria Teresa Zavala
Thomas and Colleen Zei
Michael and Lori Zellhofer
Joshua and Carrie Zimmerman
Rosemarie Zocco
Julia Zorger