Week of March 26: A Success Story

03-26-2017Haiti News

The Haiti committee would like to thank everyone for their generous donations to our sea container collection last weekend. We were overwhelmed with the generosity of our parish. This year's collection yielded 150 boxes to ship to Haiti, which is the largest collection we have had since working with our sister parish. We would especially like to thank the Hispanic community for their donations and volunteer work as well as the children of St. Rose for their part in collecting items for the shipment. A special thank you to everyone who helped last weekend in boxing the donations. In addition to the clothes, clinic supplies and many other items donated for the community, the children and teachers of Notre Dame de la Merci School will now have the supplies they need to make this school year successful. Thank you again and God bless!

Week of March 12: A Success Story

03-12-2017Haiti News

As an extension of our support of Pre-K through 6th grade, we have been working with young adults who desire to work for a college education-specifically in Nursing. At the local university in Cap-Haitien, there is a 4 year program for Nursing. Fr. Andre proposed that the student may have tuition covered IF the student agrees to repay the tuition upon graduation by serving one year at Notre Dame de la Merci. This year, the mission team had the opportunity to see the fruits of this agreement.


Week of March 5

03-05-2017Haiti News

Our donations to our brothers and sisters in Haiti will be collected in the Jo Call Room on Sat, Mar 18 from 4:00-7:00pm. Then on Sun, Mar 19 from 8:00am- 2:00pm.

  • Please fold all kid's clothing.
  • All shoes should be clean.
  • Tropical Climate.
  • Keep in mind that electricity is precious.

Week of February 26

02-26-2017Haiti News

Gloria Kane has forwarded this report. Bonjour from Haiti! We arrived without delay on Thursday a fternoon. Fr Andre and Fr Michel were at the airport to transport us via trucks back to Robillard. Always a bumpy ride! We unpacked medicines which were donated through St. Thomas Hospital and worked with Haitian staff to set up the Rose-Merci Clinic and determined who would work where. Friday morning there was Mass and then breakfast. The Rose-Merci Clinic started with a prayer in both English and Kreyol for our doctors, Haitian doctors, nurses, support staff and patients. Midday we took a break to celebrate the birth of a healthy baby boy. We treated 57 patients and most had lab tests and medications. We took a well-deserved break for lunch and a brief rest period since we were not accustomed to the heat and humidity. In the afternoon, lab tests were studied and any adjustments in medicines and treatment follow up were done. Supper was a wonderful time for enjoying a good meal and chatting. We decided to go up into the hills the next day and have a mobile clinic which meant carrying supplies and medical equipment. The Chapelle Lonquest has an open shelter and is used for various activities including the celebration of Mass.


Week of February 19

02-19-2017Haiti News

We would like to wish our Medical Mission and Trades in Training teams a safe journey to Haiti this week. The team members are: Gloria Kane, leader, Dr. Bob Dray, Dr. Liz Maxwell, Janet Brown, Laurie Gibbs, and Pam Pitman. Marla West is supervising construction on a meeting site up in the hills called Chapelle Chiron. The team left this past Thursday and will return February 23. Please pray for God to work through them as they serve our brothers and sisters in Robillard. Thank you to all who continue to support our mission in Haiti!


Week of February 12

02-12-2017Haiti News

We would like to wish our Medical Mission and Trades in Trainingteam a safe journey to Haiti this week. They will be leaving thisThursday and staying for seven days. Please pray for God to work through them as they serve our brothers and sisters inRobillard. Thank you to all who continue to support this mission!

Week of February 5

02-05-2017Haiti News

So, why do feed our school children in Notre Dame de la Merci?

  • 30% of children under the age of five are stunted (low height for age).
  • 19 % are underweight (low weight for age).
  • 10 % of the children are considered wasted (low weight for height).

All three visual clues also mean that the children will eventually suffer from under-development of the brain and cognitive capacity. The meal the children have daily is rich in vitamins, protein, carbohydrates, and is tasty. Our goal is to improve their health, concentration in the classroom and prevent diseasesthrough periodic check- ups in the Rose-Merci Clinic.


Week of January 29

01-29-2017Haiti News

Since our involvement beginning in 2002, our Haiti mission teams have learned that, more than money, real change requires time and commitment to build on each year's progress. Over the years, we set aside small amounts of funds to pay for maintenance of water projects, diesel generator, electrical system (very large batteries, etc.) and the Clinic. Over the years, the fund proved to be useful and it grew. When Fr. Andre's sorrowful truck became worrisome, we asked him when his archdiocese would apply for a replacement—such is the process.


Week of January 15

01-15-2017Haiti News

We are pleased to report that due to the overwhelming generosity over the years from you, the parishioners, we were able to purchase Father Andre a much needed new (to him) truck. The truck is vital to both Father Andre and the community. His current truck is to the point where repairs are needed almost weekly. In Haiti, they don't have the means or ability to fix vehicles as we can here. They have to pull parts from other cars and do makeshift repairs just to get by. Recently one of his tires actually came off while he was driving!


Week of January 8

01-08-2017Haiti News

We have two teams that are planning trips to Haiti. The first team willleave in early February to supervise the building of a house, trainmidwives and investigate the feasibility of solar energy to bringelectricity to other buildings in the church compound. The team members are Marla West, Mike Jones, Jim Centanni and Rusty Vance. Our Haitianbrothers will make the concrete blocks by hand using forms. This will require 3weeks to do. When the team arrives, Fr. Andre will have the builders ready to work.At the same time, Marla will work with midwives and staff from the MaternityCenter. Mike will be busy taking photos of the school children. Jim and Rusty will bemeasuring, determining where solar panels can be placed and estimate the numberof panels needed. Please offer your prayers for these team members. As always,team members pay all costs for their travel, room and board.

Week of January 1

01-01-2017Haiti News

Pope Francis calls us to open our eyes to God's tenderness so that, "We too will become more capable of mercy, patience, forgiveness, and love."

In response, we have two teams that are planning trips to Haiti. The first team will leave in early February to supervise the building of a house, train midwives and investigate the feasibility of solar energy to bring electricity to other buildings in the church compound.