Week of July 2


Less than 2% of Haitian school children pass the National Test at the end of grade 6. This is a reflection of the fact that the test is in French, which many children have not mastered. While listening and responding in French is used in some classrooms at Notre Dame de la Merci School in Robillard, the teacher may not be able to read and write well in French. Thus, students need more opportunities to master French by the 6th grade. Therefore, Fr. Andre has a summer school session that stresses acquisition of skills of reading and writing in French. Also, math skills are reviewed and practiced. Fr. Andre offers a meal to all those who come to summer school each day. Once that 2% of school children graduate from 6th grade, they move on to another private school or the public school in Robillard, A few take transportation to Cap-Haitien to enroll in a school. Imagine how few students graduate grade 12.

The Universite Notre Dame d'Haiti is a Catholic university where several young women from Robillard have attended classes to become a nurse. Several are currently enrolled in Nursing. Also, a number of teachers from Robillard have attended classes to earn higher certification and learn modern teaching strategies (3-year program). So? Well, you may not know that over the years, generous sponsors from St. Rose have paid tuition for more than a dozen young women to become nurses. The tuition is approximately $1650 per year. And, at the end of their schooling (4 years), Fr. Andre requires the young nurses to return to Robillard to spend a Year of Service at our Rose-Merci Clinic. The Haiti Mission Ministry now offers your donations to support this Year of Service by offering $75 per month for room and board plus personal needs. There are 3 nurses in Service to Robillard right now.

Your generosity to FUNDING THE FUTURE sponsors young children through 6th grade and young adults who want to go the university. This fall, a young adult male wants to study Mechanical Engineering. Would you be his sponsor for 4 years?

FUNDING THE FUTURE will be asking for your donations July 29-30 while Fr. Andre is visiting St. Rose. We request $50-100 donations for children Pre-K through 6th CHRISTIAN STEWARDS grade. If you are motivated to contribute now, simply put your donation in an envelope with your name and address. You may specify sponsoring a boy or a girl. We will mail you a picture of a child. The pictures are current. All pictures will be on display the weekend July 29-30, for you to choose. All donations are tax deductible. Thank you!