Saint Rose has an eBay online selling site.

09-17-2023Campaign Progress

Saint Rose has an eBay online selling site. It is called: strosegifts. All money raised will go to the Saint Rose Capital Campaign. Several of us have been working on this site for many weeks. We are about ready to go live.

If you have an item to donate, please call: Brenda D'Amico 615-427-8967 or Deacon John 615-427-8968.

Here is a list of items that sell well on eBay:

Anything vintage, rare, or hard to find, anything collectible, jewelry, old fabric and doilies, old sewing patterns from the 1930s-80s, Christmas ornaments, Christmas craft kits, knick-knacks, trinkets, miniatures, musical instruments, old tech games, vintage religious items, vintage art, cameras, unused shoes (new in box), only vintage clothing from the 1920s-1950s.

Much more is saleable! Thank you for helping with this worthwhile project. God Bless You!