Fr. Chris' Update on the Capital Campaign

10-08-2023Campaign Progress

For almost 100 years, Saint Rose of Lima has been striving to make a significant impact in the lives of our parishioners, students and the surrounding community through prayer, service, celebration and fellowship. Our parish has changed over the years but has stayed true to our core mission to be the place of encounter with the fullness of Christ in this community. Because growth over the last several years had been substantial and did not show any signs of slowing down, the parish began making plans to expand our facilities. In 2020, we developed a Master Plan to provide more space for our ministries and creating a campus that enables us to carry out our essential mission.

This strategic plan was an ambitious endeavor that required substantial financial resources to achieve our goals. And while we have been extremely successful in our fundraising, we will need a significant increase in participation and funds to reach our campus expansion goal.

The initial capital campaign goal, that was provided in our campaign communications, was based on project cost estimates from 2020 when we completed our Master Plan. As we all know, costs have surged dramatically since 2020 and now additional funds are needed to offset the increase.

Regarding the Marian Center: We have conducted extensive research on this building. After receiving asbestos and lead reports from qualified vendors, we have determined that they are not an impediment. We will be working with an architecture firm to decide the best path forward.

As for the new gym, we have known from the onset of the campaign that our current facility is inadequate. Through our discovery sessions, focus groups and individual conversations, we determined that creating a new structure that allowed for concurrent, multiple practices and was large enough to host sporting events is needed. Our current gym is barely regulation size and lacks enough space for fans and visitors. The new footprint also needs to include a fully equipped storage space, restrooms, a concession stand, and a spirit store. We are awaiting more accurate construction estimates of this building. Based on today’s cost to build, we are confident that there will be a significant increase to complete this project, as well.

Our One Faith, One Family, One Parish Capital Campaign is critical to the future growth of our parish and surrounding community. But it is just two phases of a four-phase campus improvement plan. And though these initiatives require substantial investments, they will yield significant benefits in the long run. Ultimately, this investment in expansion and innovation will enhance our overall faith journey, provide opportunities for growth, and contribute to making a lasting impact on the lives of all individuals and our community.

Let us pray together, channel our passion, and strive to secure the funds needed to realize our vision and create a brighter future.