Pathway to Progress: Contract Executed

12-03-2023Campaign Progress

In our most recent update, we shared significant progress in the realization of the Marian Center and Athletic Field Relocation projects. Following the announcement of the selection of designers in our previous update, we have concluded contract negotiations with Bauer Askew Architects for the Marian Center Renovation.

The contract has been reviewed by the Diocese, and we are delighted to announce its execution. To kick off this transformative endeavor, a project Kick Off meeting was conducted on Nov 29th with the Ministry Leaders representing the Food Pantry, Backpack Ministry, Bridge Ministry, Saint Rose Radio, Boy Scouts, and Knights of Columbus. These leaders, being primary users of the renovated facility and additional storage spaces, actively participated in discussions.

Aligned with our Master Plan, the Food Pantry, Backpack Ministry, and Bridge Ministry would relocate from the meeting room wing to the Marian Center. The space they currently occupy in the meeting room wing becomes part of the new kitchen. This strategic move is designed to optimize the functionality of our facilities and better serve the community.

Regarding the Athletic Field Relocation, we have completed contract negotiations with Gresham. The Diocese is currently in the process of reviewing the contract for approval.

Simultaneously, progress has been made on the Forestry Management Plan for the 30 acres to the north. We have officially endorsed the plan and are awaiting the assignment of a Farm and Tract number by the Farm Service Agency. This step is pivotal for the completion of our USDA EQIP application, which, if successful, will fund the removal of underbrush and invasive species, along with the addition of walkable paths through the property.

Furthermore, on November 14th, we conducted a productive work session with Bill Heyer to update the Master Plan. During this session, we extensively discussed how the campus might function in the future, ensuring adaptability to various growth options. A more comprehensive meeting with the ONE Building Committee is scheduled for the week of December 18th to gather their valuable input. Subsequently, we plan to engage with parishioners, providing an opportunity to explain the rationale behind the Master Plan, justify its various aspects, and get input and recommendations on how we can improve the plan before finalizing it sometime around the end of January. Stay tuned for details on how to participate in these enlightening sessions!

In summary, we currently have 4 activities running in parallel: Marian Center Renovation and Storage, Athletic Field Relocation, Master Plan Update, and revitalization of the 30 Acre Tract to the North. Since we are still in the planning phases, we have not spent any significant money yet. That will begin in the not-too-distant future. Being sensitive to doing what the whole parish wants I need your thoughts and ideas as these projects develop. If you have a question or comment, chances are others do as well.

Please feel free to reach out to me at or 615-414-5731. Thanks!!